Commissioned by We Are Glow agency, we created a 20-30...Commissioned by We Are Glow agency, we created a 20-30 secs animation for I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter. The animation is a tongue in cheek nod to the traditional abstract style used in traditional advertising for perfumes and colognes, adding a hilarious metaphorical twist that creatively transforms I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter’s latest product ‘Butter spray’ into a golden masterpiece. See behind the scenes content here:
Our most recent animation project presents the brand-new...Our most recent animation project presents the brand-new Tommy Hilfiger fragrance, Impact Intense. Our brief was to create animatics for a fast-paced sequence of close-up shots of the bottle itself. Tasked with crafting CGI animations ranging from 6 seconds to 15 seconds long, we also produced the end-tags for the campaign's 4 film spots. See behind the scenes content here:
Proudly presenting our startling new beauty showcase - ✨...Proudly presenting our startling new beauty showcase - ✨ Redefining Beauty ✨ - What if we redefined beauty? What if the industry cast aside unrealistic beauty standards and damaging ideologies? What if every person, in every culture felt inspired, validated and beautiful with our advertising? The SB team explores the power of CGI and visual effects - taking reference from iconic trailblazers Alexander Mcqueen and Kevyn Aucoin - to present a forwarding thinking, stunning style for beauty brands to rethink how they advertise. From pencils snapping to seamless nail polish swipes, our Creative Directors crafted this edgy, forward thinking and stunning film, which demonstrates the flexibility of CGI.
BRIEF...BRIEF To create a series of launch assets to support the big reveal of Jaguar's new concept car, the Future-Type; a vehicle that promises to change how consumers think about transport. SOLUTION From initial storyboarding and look development through to final launch imagery, we directed a visual narrative that would showcase Jaguar's future vision of transportation. Partnering with FoxTrop Papa from the get go we brought to life a 45 second animation alongside 8 stand alone brand images that define the exceptional driving experience offered by the Future-Type - the world's first learning car. Working to a tight deadline, the Future-Type was brought to life in full CG, using FX detail to cement the vehicle in various environments that were rendered in 6k and 12k. Our workflow processes gave us ultimate flexibility for quick edits and changes, which was wholly necessary as Jaguar's prototype continued to evolve during the production. Using a hologram approach allowed us to showcase the vehicle moving through a number of locations with references of advanced technology overtones. The display merges aspects of VR and future tech to create a realistic virtual environment and driver, allowing the viewer to feel they have been taken on a journey. View the full project here:
FBFX: Body Scanning with photogrammetry ...FBFX: Body Scanning with photogrammetry We're constantly looking for new ways to showcase our skills, with industry-leading techniques that will help our clients get show-stopping results. Our latest SBLabs study, creates an epic moment of a Muay Thai battle, frozen in time utilising full-body 3D photo scans created with the help of body-scanning experts FBFX. We focused on using advanced procedural displacement developments, complex shaders and dynamic particle simulations to bring to life this epic animated story with unparalleled attention to detail. See the full project on:
Brief:...Brief: To create a fresh dynamic motion and print campaign of water forming a bottle motif to showcase Grohe Blue Home’s latest collection under the concept of ‘Unbottled Water’. Solution: With an established expertise in Fluid FX work in our portfolio we were able to direct and execute the perfect look and feel of a free flowing stream of water forming into a bottle, with a carefully choreographed splash to top it off. Working closing with Grey Düsseldorf, we explored numerous CG liquid styles and procedural animations with expressive bubble and water behaviour to inject a fresh vision of fluidity and movement required for this sculptural water animation. View the final piece on our website here:
BRIEF...BRIEF To create a visual depiction of the hallucinations and delusions that patient's suffering from Parkinson's disease psychosis experience daily. The animation and print aim to show how the drug can pacify the psychotic effects on the brain by transforming, reconfiguring and fading as the drug takes effect. SOLUTION Creatively we where challenged to design and craft a powerful stylistic depiction that shows the various aspects of the condition in a striking way. With a wealth of hyper-realistic, CGI animals in our portfolio, this project played to all our strengths. Working in partnership with CDM NY and using a mixture of CGI, Animation and Compositing FX, we brought to life the montage of chaotic hallucinations and delusions in a variety of character creations. View on our website:
Typewriters are sophisticated little boxes of machinery,...Typewriters are sophisticated little boxes of machinery, steeped in nostalgia. Their design has stood the test of time and their unique sound is instantly recognisable to anyone who hears it. Our love affair with the typewriter played out in our latest project for SBLabs where it became our muse. What started life as a technical exercise in antique materials and CGI texturing, developed into a creative exploration of the photographic relationship between subject, lens and artist. Taking inspiration from the esteemed The Third and The Seventh by Alex Roman, the SBLabs Typewriter is a study of photogenic qualities, the finer details of the machine itself and lens based choreography. We feel that this engaging piece effectively explores this poetic relationship. No story would be complete without a perfect musical score. We worked with a talented composer to create a piece that compliments the visuals and engages audiences. We're delighted with the result.
As preferred partners to Infiniti North America and...As preferred partners to Infiniti North America and Infiniti Europe, we recently collaborated with Armstrong White in Detroit (AW) to produce a compelling motion piece after being inspired by a newly developed Infiniti brand platform led by the Infiniti global marketing team in Hong Kong.
Entirely CGI Infiniti M in a CG recreation of London's...Entirely CGI Infiniti M in a CG recreation of London's Barbican Tunnel.
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